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A collection of bird art and prints. 


A collection of prints that celebrate motherhood and breastfeeding. 


The artwork that's most popular across the globe. 

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  • Plastic free

    99% of my packaging is plastic free, the only time plastic is used is in protecting original artwork. When supplies of poly bags are gone, they'll be replaced with 100% compostable ones.

  • Commissions

    I'm available for commissions. If you'd like to get in touch to discuss what you'd like painted or carved in lino, please email hello@georginadoodes.com to chat about what you'd like.

  • Wales based

    I'm based in a small south wales town called Caerphilly, living just a 15 min walk from the historic 13th century Caerphilly castle. For international orders, please see my Etsy shop.

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