Original art for sale

Original art for sale

I've finally got around to photographing all my original art and adding it to the website. Given that current times are tough, for me as an artist as well as for everyone, I've kept prices as low as I can. My older works are all reduced significantly. If you've added a painting to your basket but wondered why shipping isn't cheap, that's because I ship original art via guaranteed next day delivery with Royal Mail (on top of my 1-3 business days processing time) - this means your works of art are fully insured for the trip through the Royal Mail system, which as we know, can be tumultous. 

An original watercolour painting of a nuthatch bird

How do I price my art?

I price my art based on a combination of my skill at the time, the amount of hours it took to create that piece and the skill involved. Where some pieces are £80, those will have taken anything from 6-12 hours to paint (giving me less than minimum wage), as well as the years of practice and experience that goes into developing painting skills.

The paintings which are cheaper are generally more simple, so will have taken 2-3 hrs to paint, and may be older and not painted with as much skill as I have now. Ultimately I use my judgement for what I feel it's worth, and what I'm willing to sell it for. But I try to base it on a rough hourly rate as a base.

If you want to take a look, you can shop the sale here.

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