A collection of A3 watercolour paintings scattered across a table

Commercial commissions

Last year I was given the opportunity to create beautiful artwork for two of Joe's Ice Cream parlour's stores - one in the Mumbles (Swansea) and one on St Helen's Road (Swansea). I love painting houses/buildings so this was a gorgeous project to work on.

The paintings were created not only to have in the shop, but also be turned into merchandise for them to sell (I believe the original plan was postcards and tote bags).

Later on in the year, in December, I was contacted with an amazing opportunity to create nine x A3 watercolour paintings for The Peninsula London. They were launching a spa in their brand new hotel and wanted a painting to hang outside of each room, with a painting to match the room name (i.e. oak, birch, sycamore etc). 

The catch with this one was that there was a very tight turn around - all to be delivered before Christmas, framed. Well, I with a lot of hard work and a very good picture framers, they were hand delivered on the 21st December, and I can very proudly say I feel it was also my best work yet.

It was so nice to be pushed outside my comfort zone and test myself to create so much art on a tight timeframe and I'm really pleased I was able to deliver for the client.

This year I'm hoping to expand my commercial portfolio, so if you have a B&B or Airbnb, run a boutique hotel or any other commercial business and would like some original art created for your property, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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