An A3 orange lino print of a cat napping on a celestial rug

Ginger cats are coming!

After posting about my latest lino print, titled Cat nap, I've had some people ask if I was going to do a print run in any other colours. I hadn't intended to, but 'orange' was requested by multiple people. 

Not one to disappoint, I have of course spent the morning printing ginger cats and it's glorious seeing the studio fill up with these beauties. Printing these hasn't been without drama though. I didn't just want to use a standard orange straight out of the tube, so I mixed light orange and yellow ochre together for a more softer and less zingy orange. I used Cranfield colours caligo safe wash ink which are the only inks I ever use.

I'd never intended in printing these in anything other than black, so after the initial print run, I cleaned up the block with vegetable oil and washing up liquid, dried it, and put it away. I can't have done a great job of cleaning it as after the first orange print pull this morning, there were some black marks coming through where the outer stars are. I feel conflicted over these, it's really only a small mark on a big print - however they are imperfect, but many lino prints are and for me, that's part of the charm.

A corner of an orange lino print showing a small black mark

After 4 prints like this, I downed tools and went and scrubbed the lino block with an ink removing chemical called Zest It. I made sure I had scrubbed every nook and cranny across the whole block so no black (or orange) would remain. The first print after that still had a tiny bit of black on, but after that all the prints came out perfectly.

But I don't think I can sell those at full price in good conscience. Out of the 10 prints I managed today, only four are perfect. Both will be listed here next week once they're dry and you can select which you'd prefer - the ones with the small black marks will be £5 cheaper.

I made a video of the orange mix if you want to see it :) 

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