Mini house lino print

Mini house lino print

The fantastic printmaker Kat Flint started #TinyPrintTuesdays. Most weeks I completely forget about it until the time has passed but a few weeks ago I remembered, and sketched out a little house lino print on a piece of lino that was 5cm x 5cm. It was really fun and challenging to carve something so small, so I decided to carve a new, similar one on a piece of 10cm x 10 cm lino.

A small 5cm x 5cm lino cut of a house

Because it was bigger I was able to carve more details in like the dog and a bird in the tree.

I printed them using Cranfield caligo safe wash ink in black on Japanese ho-sho washi paper.

Once I'd created the first tiny print I was inspired to keep creating and in the space of a couple days, I'd created another four tiny prints. Each of these will be given away with print orders randomly until they're all gone.

A small 10cm x 10cm lino block of a small house and tree

I really love the inclusion of the dog in the bigger print and the way I was able to carve more detail into the tree and fields behind. Now I have to decide whether I'm going to carve a much bigger version with a lot more detail... probably not, but you never know :)

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