A box with six washi tapes inside

Welcome to my new shop!

An art studio with pink walls and lots of plants

You may notice things look a little different around here, well that's because I've moved my shop from Squarespace to Shopify and given it a bit of a redesign and refresh in the process.

You'll find the same products here as in my Etsy, but here I also have a newsletter which I'm hoping to send out monthly with the things I've been working on and there'll be an exclusive discount code too.

In case you're new around here, lets have a little introduction. I'm Georgina, mum of two boys, living a stones through from a very historic castle in South Wales. Up until Dec 2020 I worked in digital marketing, then I seized the opportunity to follow my dreams of being a full time artist and printmaker. 

I've drawn all my life and it's what I studied in college and uni, but professionally I found myself in the corporate world and not using my artistic skills. Fast forward to 2022 and I've been a full time artist for nearly two years, and I honestly can't imagine doing anything else with my life.

I absolutely love the flexibility I have to be able to work while the kids are in School, and be there with them after school and in school holidays. Being able to create every day has me fulfilled in a way I've never experienced before, I truly am an incredibly lucky person.

As well as creating art and lino prints, I also take on commissions, so if there's anything you'd be interested in having captured in art, please drop me a message on georginadoodleslino@gmail.com and we can have a chat.

If you've got this far, well done and go put the kettle on, you deserve a cuppa!

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