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Insect lino print | minibeasts

Insect lino print | minibeasts

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This print is a detailed study of some typical UK garden insects. From top L: shield bug, snail, caterpillar, bee, worm, ladybird, woodlouse (rolled up), butterfly and centipede.

The print is available in 3 different colourways - silver on blue, yellow ochre on white and a gradient of green/white on white.

If there is a specific colourway you'd like please get in contact.

Due to the nature of the lino printing process, each print is slightly different making them truly unique.

The size of the prints are approx. 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches - but vary slightly. There's a large border around them, leaving enough room for a mount, or if needed, trimming to fit a frame.

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