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Owl & sleeping animals A4 lino print ‘Nos da Nawr’

Owl & sleeping animals A4 lino print ‘Nos da Nawr’

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This A4 print is based off a Welsh lullaby called ‘Nos da nawr’. It’s about the owl who keeps watch over the animas while they sleep. When hearing the lullaby I was inspired to create a lino print that captured the image from my mind.

This is available in three four different colours:

* Black on white
* Blue on white
* Green on white

Due to the nature of the printing process each print is slightly different making each one unique. If you have a specific colourway you’d like please get in touch, but allow for drying times.

Each print is signed and titled as ‘Nos da nawr’ after the lullaby it’s based on.

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