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Tenby harbour A4 lino print

Tenby harbour A4 lino print

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This linocut is of the beautiful and iconic Tenby Harbour in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. The carving took over a week to complete, making it my most detailed piece of work to date. It's printed on 190gsm Kent printmakers paper which is a gorgeous off-white. It's printed using high quality oil-based ink by Cranfield inks - which is all I use in my work these days.

This block was such a joy to carve, a real labour of love. I took my time with the whole process as I wanted to make sure I got it right - from the initial sketch, to the inked drawing, the transfer onto tracing paper, then transfer to the lino block, then going over it all in permanent marker, and finally, the carving. I hope you enjoy the print as much as I did while creating it.

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